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4 Year Program Admission
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4 Year Program Admission

The 4-year program is offered to college graduates having BA or BSc degrees who have completed their pre-medical education and have obtained satisfactory grades in:

 Chemistry -  general (including labs) – 2 semesters,

 Chemistry -  organic (including labs) – 2 semesters,

 Biology – general (including labs) – 2 semesters,

 Physics – general (including labs) – 1 semester,

 Math (calculus) – 1 semester.

The curriculum of 4-year program is comprised of 2 preclinical and 2 clinical years.

The following are the documents that you will need to submit.

1.       Filled in application form

2.       Filled in affidavit of citizenship

3.       College Diploma

4.       Official Transcript 

5.       English language certificate 

6.       Photocopy of the applicant’s passport

7.       Health certificate

8.       Six passport photographs 3,5 x 5,5 cm signed on
          the back (no head cover please)

9.       Copy of money transfer of  application  fee
          amounting to EUR 250,00  (non-refundable)

10.     Additionally American and Canadian citizens are
         requested to deliver a copy of Social Security Number

11.     Additionally candidates from EU and EFTA are
         reuquested to fill in a Declaration.

The school does not require the MCAT. It just expects you to certify that you have adequate English skills. This can be proven by stating that you did your undergrad in an English speaking school or you have passed the TOFEL examination. Forms like the health certification and others can be downloaded from the school website. Here is a link to the admissions page on the school website:




Last Updated: 04/02/08