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Benefits of Studying in Warsaw
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Benefits of Studying in Warsaw

Benefits of Studying in Warsaw:

- The capital has an international airport, which means you can fly anywhere in the world. There are many low cost airlines flying out of Warsaw these days so you can fly to Spain for a weekend. The price for example for a round ticket to the United Kingdom is around 250zl. (70 US dollars)

- Besides the airport there is a good train connection to many cities in Poland and in Europe. You can take a train to Berlin for example and you can be there in six hours.

- There are a lot of foreigners that live in Warsaw. Most of them are either students or individuals that are working in the capital.

- Most all embassies are located in the capital, so if you have any problems they are close by.

- There are a lot of social events like the theater, concerts, art galleries, film festivals, dance performances and many other events.

- A lot of money is invested into medicine in Warsaw because it is the capital. The second PET scan is supposed to be open in Warsaw.

Last Updated: 04/02/08