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Dorm Stuff

The dormitory is one alternative of housing in warsaw. It's nice for people who want to be next to their class mates. The dorms are very nice. You have your own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. There are pictures on the info and pics page. (Link is above) The dormitory is on the edges of center of the city. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes by tram and bus to most of your classes.


- 2 person room - 150 Euros / month

- 1 person room - 250 Euros / month

Inorder to get a place in the dormitory you need to fillout the request form and then send it or fax it to the Dean's office. Plus you need to pay for the first and last months rent in advance. The Bank inofrmation is in the Dorm regulation link.

Last Updated: 04/02/08