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Pictures of the school
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Pictures of the school

The Univerisity of Warsaw Library - This is where most medical students study

Main entrance to library University of Warsaw Library

The Rektorat - This is where the Dean's office is located and where you will have some classes.

Rektorat Front of Rektorat

Inside of the Rektorat Cafeteria in Rektorat

The new auditorium Lecture Room in Rektorat

Pictures of the New Lecture Building:

Entrance to the new lecture building Side classrooms of new lecture hall

Inside the new lecture hall Inside of the new lecture hall

2nd floor of the new lecture hall

Pictures of Pharmacology Building:

Pharmacology building Seminar Room in Pharmacology Bld.

Pharmacology building

Pictures of the city:

Palac Kultury Downtown Shopping center

Old Town Swietokrzyski Bridge over the Wisla River

Palac Kultury - Christmas time Warsaw Nowy Swiat

Warsaw by Night The only Palm tree in warsaw!

Birds eye from palace

Kopernik Plac Pilsuckiego

Panoramic View of Warsaw




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