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Time: 05.12.06 at 20:30

Place: Silje and Kine’s

Issues discussed:

  1. Approval of summons and agenda.

Approved without comments.

  1. Evaluation of election

112 students voted, this constitutes 33%. Suggestions for next year’s election: Posters could be put up around school. Possibility of having several locations for voting, for example at the Dean’s office. Promotion of SG and the election in the spring to increase awareness and perhaps get more interested candidates.

  1. Summary of last year.

Kine presented the most important issues we have been working on last year.

  1. Presentation of electees.

The members of SG for 2006-07 presented themselves and the issues they are most interested in:

    • Jacek: There are problems at the Dean’s office. Evaluation of- and feedback to professors who are not good enough at teaching.
    • Mateo: Frustrated with lack of progression in the issues we worked on last year. He hopes for a more dynamic SG and better cooperation with the Deans office.
    • Shaun: Lack of follow up and misinformation from the Dean’s office. Wishes to work for more affiliated hospitals where students can do externships.
    • Magnus: Improve the image of SG among students. Wishes to work with the problem of cheating, as well as social issues among students.
    • Suzan: Unfair and unequal conditions during exams and re-takes facilitates a tendency towards cheating. Wishes to work for insight into how the school uses the money it gets from us.
    • Alexandra: Ensure that the school prioritises the money it earns from our tuition fees in a way which benefits us students, examples of things which needs priority are English skills of teachers and teaching facilities and premises.
    • Richard: Integration and cooperation with PDSG, knowledge of opportunities which they have, and which resources we can benefit from. Better support and information for new students from the Dean’s office.
  1. Nomination for positions

We decided to put off the final nomination and election to next meeting. We will have the following positions: President, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

President: Preparation of meetings and flow of info between the members of the government. Responsible for everything which happens and that progress is made in issues we work on. Delegates tasks!

Vice president: Cooperates closely with the president.

Secretary: Writes agenda and minutes and any official letters from the government. Keeps track of what has been said and what is to be done! Cooperates with the president about organization of the meetings.

Treasurer: Keeps track of finances, writes applications for funds and does the accounting when we arrange happenings.

  1. PDSG integration prospects

Jacek informed: Election for PDSG Wednesday next week. ED can run for 2 positions, one in SG and one in parliament. We need to get someone to run within 2 days from today, and we need to tell people to go to medyk and vote on election day (if we get candidates)!

  1. Organization of EDSG for the coming year.

Open meeting 11th of January. Jacek fixes hall at didactic centre and Kristin will prepare content of meeting.

  1. Any other business

Magnus wants to talk to Jolanta about changing the schedules for the 3rd year. Jacek will go with him.

Next meeting: Monday 11th of Dec. at 8 o clock, medyk. Richard will book a room.

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