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Time: 11.12.06 at 17:00

Place: Medyk

Present: Mateo, Alexandra, Shaun, Richard, Kristin, Suzan


  1. Voting for positions
    1. President: Mateo was elected unanimously.
    2. Vice president: 4 nominees; Kristin, Jacek, Alexandra and Suzan. In the vote, Kristin received 5 votes, Alex 1 and Suzan 1.
    3. Treasurer: Alexandra was elected unanimously

The other members of the SG will be in charge of student affairs. They will be in charge of having contact with the student body and knowing what the issues for the different years are.

Responsible for integration with PDSG: Richard & Jacek.

Web page: Mateo. (

Mailing contact with the student body: Shaun.

No opposition was voiced so these people are considered unanimously elected for the jobs.

  1. PDSG election. Kristin informed that Kasia in 4th year is running for SG and Raid is running for parliament. We should encourage people to vote.
  1. Open meeting 11.01.07. Mateo will book the aula in Didactic centre tomorrow. Kristin will make a poster, Magnus will post it at different locations and be in charge of informing the years in 6 year program, Mateo informs 4 year program. Shaun will mail students about it.
  1. Any other business
    1. Formal: Lili is interested in being in charge of arranging it and Alexandra will be in the committee as treasurer.
    2. Guidelines for SG: As EDSG will now be an official student body there is a need for official guidelines for our work. In creating these we will look to PDSG and other EDSGs in other universities. Shaun will contact Poznan EDSG to find out how they are doing it. Richard will look to PDSG. Before our next meeting Kristin will collect proposals and make a draft which can serve as basis for discussion in our next meeting. It should contain:
      1. Mission statement
      2. List of positions, duties and qualificaitions
      3. Rules for voting
      4. Relationship to the school and PDSG
    3. Meeting with the Dean and the Rector after the open meeting. Mateo will arrange the time.
      1. Put us on the university web page

NEXT MEETING: 09.01.07 at 20:00

Last Updated: 04/02/08