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Time: 19.02.07 at 14:00

Place: Zwirki I Wigury 61, room 214

Present: Richard, Shaun, Mateo, Alexandra, Magnus, Kasia, Suzan, Kristin, Prof. Maciej Karolczak

Items on the agenda:

1. Accreditation in California and NY. Mateo presents the case.

Mateo and Shaun informed about the accreditation situations in New York state and in California, and argued that being accredited in these states will attract more students from the USA.

Dean Karolczak said this is a question of economy. If the process of applying for accreditation is without major expenses, the school will do it without further delay. If large expenses are connected with applying, this has to be approved at the level of university government.

2. Cheating and exam situations. On getting the honors code implemented, and better control of exam situations.

SG requested that guidelines for cheating control is given to all departments from the dean.

Dean Karolczak informed that the ED dean is currently working on new regulations for conduction of exams which will sent the departments. He stated that he has been made aware of this issue situation by students, and that he shares our position of no tolerance of cheating.

3. Standardisation of exams between 4- and 6 year programs.

Shaun addressed the issue of differing types and difficulty of exams in the same subjects between 6- and 4year programmes.

Dean Karolczak will concern himself with the issue, but said time is needed to discuss the situation with the departments and evaluate which exam forms are best for the various courses.

4. Economy transparency. What are the rules for students insight and participation in the budgeting process?

Dean Karolczak stated that there is transparency at the university. PDSG has access to the meetings of the senate’s budget commission. If EDSG wants to have representatives present in these meetings, we must apply to the rector.

5. Request for study rooms in didactic centre.

SG must send a written application to the Dean’s office stating the need for this. It should not be a problem to accommodate this request.

6. Any other business:

6.1. Dean Karolczak wanted to discuss teacher’s English skills. He requested information from us regarding departments and teachers that could benefit from help to improve their English communicative abilities.

6.2. The process of changing name from Akademia to Uniwersytet. MUW meets the requirements for calling itself university. Before an official name change can take place it must be approved in the Polish parliament.


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