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Time: Wed 29.03.07 at 20:00

Place: Medyk room 301

Present: Luke, Solve, Patricia, Natali, Suzan, Karin, Magnus, Mateo, Richard, Kristin

Items on the agenda:

  1. Formal. Contract is signed by Eddie, and sign up dates will be April 2nd and 5th. Price, including tax will be 220 PLN. The full cost must be paid to the Intercontinental by Wednesday the 11th. Eddie suggested that ANSA can pay via their polish bank account so no-one will have to bring 13 000 PLN in cash.

What remains to be done is planning some speeches, music and decorations.

Class representatives were informed about the details of time, place and cost, and given brochures to distribute in their classes. Magnus will be in anatomicum for the sign-up on Monday, and Kristin will be in Green Coffee on Thursday.

  1. Statutes – approval of the temporary statutes. Do anyone wish to take part in a meeting with PDSG discussing the statutes situation?

Richard commented that minutes should me made public regardless of whether they are approved or not. If they are not approved, an issue will be made of it in the minutes from the subsequent meeting. This was agreed on, and appropriate corrections will be made in the statutes. If no more comments are made within 2 day, statutes are considered approved.

  1. Guidelines regulating exams to the departments. Does Mateo have a copy of them from last year? Do we want to review them and discuss them with the Dean before the meeting in May?

Mateo will mail us the guidelines he made last year so we can revise them.

  1. Sporting events. What’s happening?

Class reps were asked to recruit players for soccer and basketball, and get people to come for try-outs. We still need someone who is willing to organize the try-outs and pick the team.

Bialystok students are also arranging a soccer match with party sometime this spring.

  1. Class reps’ issues:
    1. First years are unsatisfied with several issues in anatomy. Teachers come late for classes, there are too large groups and too few specimens, and they don’t feel that the classes properly prepare them for the tests.
    2. Class reps from the first year are asked to prepare a letter of complaint and give it to the professor in charge of teaching at the anatomy department, with a copy to SG. We will then address the issue with the Dean.
    3. The system with indexes signed by professors after each course is a hassle, and believed by students of the second year to be unnecessary. SG is requested to address this with the Dean.
    4. 3rd year complains of bad scheduling of patho anatomy course, which is completed very shortly before the first exam in June. Next year it would be better to have this course earlier in the semester, and they ask that we address this with the Dean.
    5. It is important for students who graduate this year, that the application for accreditation in California is submitted before the end of this school year. If accreditation is granted, it will be effective from the date application was submitted, and so it can benefit students who graduate this year.

  1. Meeting with the Dean April 4th.
    1. Socrates-Erasmus exchange: can students from the EEA (that is, Norway) participate in this? And has Jolanta made the list?
    2. When will the study areas in didactic centre and deans building be available?
    3. Has the Dean decided how to approach the issue of reprimanding students who are late, with the departments?
    4. Issues addressed by the class reps on this meeting

We may hold another open meeting with the student body sometime in the end of May.

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