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Minutes from EDSG Meeting with Class Representatives

Date: 11/06/2007

Time: 19:00

Place: Medyk

Issues and Topics Discussed:

  1. The Student government began discussions on various extracurricular activities that will be held this year and how the class representatives will be involved.
    1. Formal: Once again, the SG would like to organize a medical formal and because it is a leap year in 2008 (meaning there is Feb 29) and it happens to be a Friday, this date was suggested. Lily and Jeanette will be the main organizers, as well as any students who are eager to help/ give in suggestions are asked to contact them.
    2. Ski Trip: There is the idea of organizing a ski trip to Zakopane this year during the semester break. It will be for one week and buses and hotels will also be included. Organizing the trip for a large group will surely diminish the costs and anyone who would like to help is asked to contact Kasia Wylon from 4th year/6yr. and Lily.
    3. Language Tandems: So far, there is no new information on the organizational date of the meeting, we are still waiting for Polish Division to contact us.

  1. Issues brought up by the class representatives:
    1. Suzy is in the process of organizing a clothing donation to one of Warsaw’s orphanages. Anyone who has older clothes in acceptable quality that would like to donate to needy children is asked to slowly collect them and hopefully there will be a donation done before Christmas holidays. More info later...
    2. Wayne suggested holding a book sale on the same day as the Didactic center Open meeting (Nov 22.Thursday) During this time, students can bring old books they would like to sell to other students. Each owner quotes their individual price and should adjust it to the condition of the book, which version it is, etc. Students are asked to please prepare their prices beforehand. There is a flyer going around for the book sale.
    3. Margaret would like to see an Academic committee set up. This group would solely focus on bettering the quality of education by critically examining individual courses, assistants, professors etc. They would be a separate entity from the Student government but would focus on quality of education so things actually get changed. Margaret and Kristin will be organizing the set up of the committee and if students would like to take part and join, please ask your class reps for information.

The dean’s office has asked that all class representatives who have not yet done so, make a CLASS EMAIL. This greatly betters communication within your year, as well as communication with the dean’s office ladies. This way they have one email to send your class information to, and no one stays out of the loop because everyone has access to it. Students are asked to make use of such an email with classes as well (getting powerpoints from teachers, exam results etc.)

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