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Info & Pics

Info & Pics

There are two programs at the Medical University of Warsaw:

4-year program and 6-year program

Info about 4 year program:

- The four year program has been around for about 4 years now. This year there is going to be the first graduating class from this program.

- The program is very demanding. You have to put in a lot of study hours to do well in the program. Most of the time you spend 7 hours a day in the library. Though during finals you can spend up to 12 hours here. The library becomes your home.

- Class Organization: There are well organized classes and poorly organized classes. Most professors speak good English.

Grading system: For most classes you get a grade from 2 to 5. 5 is the highest grade and 2 is the lowest grade that you can get. A 5 is an A and 2 is an F. There is no D in this system. If you fail an exam you get one retake for the exam. If you still fail that then you get a commission exam. At the commission exam the Dean will be present, the head of the department and usually a member of student government. When you still fail you will have to retake the class. Most of the classes do not use any forms of curves, so there can be times if it’s a hard exam that the whole class can fail and will have to do the retake exam. So if you know your material really well you will pass.

Info about 6 year program:

Last Updated: 04/02/08