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Time: 28.02.07 at 20:00

Place: Medyk room 301

Present: Magnus, Shaun, Mateo, Kristin, Suzan, ANSA members for the first issue.

Items on the agenda:

  1. ANSA is present to discuss arrangement of the formal.
    1. Do we have a sponsor yet?

Jacek was not present to inform us about his work on getting sponsors, but apparently he has gotten negative response from GSK.

    1. Time frame for getting one and deciding cost for the students. Sign ups and announcing it.

SG will contact ANSA with information regarding our sponsor situation by Friday March 9th, and then we will continue with invitations and sign ups.

Mateo, Magnus, Shaun and Kristin will visit GSK and Pfeizer with a written application for sponsorship this Friday.

Since Alex was not present at the meeting, Kristin will talk to her about application to PDSG for funds for live music, 3000 PLN and decorations, 700PLN.

    1. ANSAs contributions.

Eddie presented different menus and price categories, and informed that if SG is unable to get another sponsor ANSA can only contribute with 50 PLN for each ANSA member, which will constitute their discount. However, if SG manages to cover more of the cost via sponsors, ANSA can liberate more funds to sponsor the event.

The meeting agreed that we will go for the basic package for 4 hours, and we will ask for a welcome drink added to it. Eddie will ask about the possibility for individual packages for people who want to pay more, or the possibility for upgrading to silver package if SG gets manages to get sponsors. We will start the event at 20:00 and serve the food at 21:00.

  1. Sporting events.

As Richard was not present we did not discuss this issue.

  1. Statutes. Kristin presents a draft and the ideas behind it. For discussion, and possibly, temporary approval until we know more about PDSG.

The paragraph under “meeting” was discussed and, unless comments are made by Sunday, accepted.

  1. The meeting with the Dean on Monday.

    1. Issues we will discuss with him

i. Application to the rector for receipt which specifies what the different parts of our tuition fee goes to. This should automatically be given to all students when they pay their tuition fee.

ii. Written application for study rooms in the didactic centre with reference to what the dean of 2nd faculty said on our meeting 19.02.07. Shaun will write this, also including study facilities on other locations where classes are being taught.

iii. Mateo will find out whether soap and toilet paper has been replaced in the toilet in anatomicum. If not, we will address this again.

iv. Mateo will mail the class reps of 1st year and ask about the resources in anatomy class is after the drastic increase in class size. Are the group sizes satisfactory and do the students get good enough access to specimens to study?

v. California issue: We will inform the Dean that an application has been sent to the school from California, and include contact information to New York to encourage the Dean to follow up our initiative.

    1. A plan for how to address issues from our last encounter.

i. We will ask about the guidelines he apparently has been working on regarding cheating. What are they and when will they be implemented? Will we be allowed to review them and state our opinion before they are implemented?

ii. We will inform the Dean of our temporary statutes.

Any other business:

  • T-shirts will cost 25PLN and sweat shirts 70PLN. By Sunday, anyone who is interested must have let Mateo know.


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