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Pictures of the Dormitory
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Pictures of the Dormitory

The dorm is a pretty nice place to live. This is where you will make friends from the moment you move in. Most of the first year students from both the six year and the four year program live here. By living here you will know where and when all the parties are, get help and advice on subjects from upper year peers and most of all you will make a lot of new friends. Overall the dormitory is in very good condition. It was built a couple years ago and it was specifically allocated to the English Division Program. The cost of the dormitory is about 250 Euro per month. Included in this price is internet and all the utilities. Their is no cafeteria, but there are kitchens on each floor where students cook food for themeselves.


The Dormitory



Computer Lab in the Dorms

Last Updated: 04/02/08